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Daniel L. Delgado


Born 1948 F.S., New Mexico (Raised in Santa Rosa, NM)
Father: Orlando R. D.  Mother:  Josephine M. M.
PGP: Rudolfo Delgado And Ignacita Padilla
MGP  Benito M. And Maria Baca
Subject: Military Records
​US Army 1966 – 1969
Drafted: May, 1966 Reported: September 1966
Basic Training: B-4-2 Fort Bliss, TX
AIT: Fort Rucker, Ala. Reported: December 1966
MOS: 67M10 / 67M20
Assigned to Ft. Sill, OK Reported: March 1967
MOS: 67B20
Assignment: Crew Chief  3/26 Artillery / OCS
T - 41 –  Mescalero  15094 "Warrior"
Rank: PFC
Status: Flight Status
Assigned to 4 th. Infantry Div. Aug. 1967
Camp Enari: Pleiku RVN
Assigned to HHC  2nd. Brig.
Defense Agency Intelligence
Helicopter "Gunslinger" 62-03822
Lost in action Sep.1967
Status: Flight Status
Assigned to Provisional L.R.R.P. 2nd. Brig. Sep 1967
Assigned to E CO. 704th.
Forward Support Platoon
Aircraft recovery and repair
Div. S-2 Oct. 1967
Status: Flight Status / Secret
Assigned to L.R.R.P. Aug. 1968
Assigned to E - Co. 704th. Aug, 1968
Assigned to Fort Rucker, AL. Sep, 1968
USAAVNS: Academic Instructor
67-B-4H, 67-M-4H, 67-Q -4 H
Early Release for School – NMHU 



The E – Company Aviation Hanger

at Hensel Army Airfield.

When visiting Dragon Mountain, make sure you stop in and see us. Just look for the Shiny Silver roof,
it can be seen from miles and miles around.                
We guarantee it is easy to find.  Even old uncle           Charlie has no problem finding us, he can even do it with his eyes half closed.

Our destination offers entertainment, spacious accommodation, the coldest beer in the Central Highlands and the most action packed adventures of a lifetime. We offer Long and Short range patrxxx excursions and beautiful scenery. For those of you who love adventure, You may want to visit our 3 – Corners Area. You can stand on one spot and be in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam At the Same Time! Can you just imagine that? No! Well imagine it.
If you phone ahead, Uncle Ho may just be there to greet you. We guarantee your trip will be the thrill of your life time.  We hope to see you soon and we leave the light on. Don’t forget to make sure your life insurance is paid up. You never know when you just may need to use it.
The Dragon Mountain Chamber of Commerce

This is Danny Delgado President and well leave search lights on for you. :-)

Uncle Sam “The management” makes no promises expressed or implied and is responsible for no more then $10,000 US Dollars in cases of death. Some restrictions may apply ;  call 69-ETS

E Company's Fearless Leader (CWO Patrick M. Farrell) RVN (1968)

Left to Right: David Schumacker, Antonio Gonzalez, ( ), Danny, Bruce Waterman and Paul Moses   RVN (1967-68)

The E – Company Aviation 704th "CLUB"

AKA: THE DAM BAR (Location: 75 Yards East of Enari's Hensel Airfield Control Tower)

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