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RECOVERY (1967-1968) 

Our recovery team was responsible for picking up downed helicopters throughout the 4th Infantry Division Area of Operations.  


Gunslinger Music to Drink By:


With all due respect to our heroes of the Green Beret, we borrowed the music   for our song. The idea of adding our own words to this song, came to us from Gunslingers who transferred in from aviation units along the coast.


Silver Wings upon our chest

We just fly above the best

We can make more dough this way

But we can’t wear, the Green Beret


A Gambler Gunship just went down

Our Buzzard Team is off the ground

Won’t be long and we’ll be there

To sling that bird into the air


Ice cold beer awaits for us

Back at Enari’s “E” Company

We just pray we are not shot down

So we can have another round.


Sergeant Gray’s looking for me

Something about those dam monkey’s

Wish that he would leave us alone

Cuz we'll soon be headed home


Our top hat cuts us no slack

He always needs more dam sandbags

They'll be no re-up for me

I’m headed home from this country.

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