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Daniel L. Delgado

Born 1947 Fort Sumner, New Mexico  (Raised in Santa Rosa, NM)
Father: Orlando R. Delgado
Mother:  Josephine M. M.
PGP: Rudolfo Delgado And Ignacita Padilla
MGP  Benito M. And Maria Baca


Subject: Military Records
​US Army 1966 – 1969
Drafted: May, 1966 Reported: September 1966
Basic Training: B-4-2 Fort Bliss, TX
AIT: Fort Rucker, Ala. Reported: December 1966
MOS: 67M10 / 67M20
Assigned to Ft. Sill, OK Reported: March 1967
MOS: 67B20
Assignment: Crew Chief  3/26 Artillery / OCS
T - 41 –  Mescalero  15094 "Warrior"
Rank: PFC
Status: Flight Status
Assigned to 4 th. Infantry Div. Aug. 1967
Camp Enari: Pleiku RVN
Assigned to HHC  2nd. Brig.
Defense Agency Intelligence
Helicopter "Gunslinger" 62-03822
Lost in action Sep.1967
Status: Flight Status
Assigned to L,R.R.P. 2nd. Brig.  2/8  Inf.  Sep 1967
Assigned to E CO. 704th.
Forward Support Platoon
Aircraft recovery and repair
Div. S-2 Oct. 1967
Status: Flight Status / Secret
Assigned to LRRPAug. 1968
Assignedto E - Co. 704th .Aug. 1968
Assigned to Fort Rucker, Ala, Sep. 1968
USAAVNS: Academic Instructor
67-B-4H, 67-M-4H, 67-Q -4 H
Early Release for School – NMHU – Las Vegas, NM

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