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In the later part of January of 1968, we were sent TDY to learn all about the new Cobra’s. About this time, the rest of Vietnam figured out what we already knew. Something is UP!




The night of Jan. 30, 1968 the action started, I was with a small group of unarmed soldiers from the school, we were near the south beach. A force of over 100 men in black PJ’s were closing in on us, we ran for our lives back toward the Air Base. We ran passed a large hotel, a few of the guys ran into the front door. I took one look and thought about “The Alamo” so I kept running.  A couple of M.P.’s in a ¾ ton truck, came up behind us, honking and yelling for us to jump into the back of the vehicle.


I didn’t need to be told twice, I was first or second in the truck.


The force had caught up with the truck and stabbed the last two soldiers in the legs as we pulled them into the truck. There were so many locals running ahead of our truck, we couldn’t outrun the force. Luckily the truck was covered and we kicked at the attackers as they tried to board the rear of the truck. “The force must have had orders not to fire their weapons’ until they controlled a sufficient beachhead.” Finally, the street opened up enough for us to speed away. “Praise the Lord”


When we arrived at the airfield those of us that were able, were assigned to defend the airfield.  It was another action filled night.  


Vietnam (January 30, 1968) 

​The new Huey Cobra’s are coming. Delgado, you and Carl Bourgeois are going TDY to Vung Tao, to learn how to inspect, sling and fix them.​

O man, do we have to go?

​Then our pilots told us there was actually real food at the Beachcomber Club near the training academy.

Man! we packed up our O.D. butts and “In a flash” we were on the way to Cobra Training near Vung Tao.

Well?   Someone had to go!

I guess the brass really did read the reports we were sending in concerning the NVA troop movements in the central highlands. 

Gunslinger S-2 HHC 2nd Brigade 4th.ID

On the night of January 30, 1968 Vietnam was shattered by an event that we at Dragon Mountain knew was inevitable.  The Tet Offensive was on!  


This page is dedicated to White-Feather of the       Laos-Cambodia/Nam AO

Danny Delgado (Vung Tao, RVN, January, 1968)

​The Washington Brass Finally decided to send us the AH-1 Gs 

Carl & I eating our last decent meal before

the Tet Offensive.  


We would go from T-Bone Steaks to a diet of rice over the next three months.

The New Cobra’s have arrived at The Buzzards Nest

(E Company 704th Maintenance 4th. Infantry Division) February 1968.

Carl Bourgeois and I had just unloaded our gear from the 2 separate choppers that brought us back from the Cobra Training at Vung Tao.

The Cobra Flights from the coast arrived. Just in time to get in on the Tet Offensive.

The Dragon Mountain Gunslingers, couldn't wait to get their hands on the new “Dealers of Destruction.”

Special Delivery To: The Dragon Mountain Gunslingers 

From: Your Uncle

AH 1 G Cobra (Camp Enari, February, 1968)





Antonio Gonzales (Roswell, NM) from H.Q. inspects one of the impact mounds. The 122 MM Rockets slammed into our camp last night.

Speedy took pictures and assessed the damage. This rocket hit our runway and the mound formed to the west. This indicated the rockets
fired from the Ia Drang River Valley. The valley cuts down in front of bunker 37, on the southeast side of Camp Enari. The rocket entered threw the hole visible 4 ft. in front of Speedy’s right knee. One of the rockets just missed Richard “Dickey” Chavez (Santa Rosa, NM) and his hooch, at the 20th Engineers. That crater is slightly forward of Antonio’s right fro
nt jacket pocket, in picture.

E-Company’s Hanger, the “Buzzards Nest” was visible from miles around. 4th. Infantry Pilots homed in on Dragon Mountain and the shiny roof of our hanger to get home. Unfortunately, so did Charlie!

122 MM Rocket Attacks         on CAMP ENARI (1968)

Antonio Gonzalez (Camp Enari, Post Rocket Attack, Tet Offensive 1968)

Sapper Attacks on CAMP ENARI (1968)




Three Sappers came into Camp Enari and met their maker. 




Sappers burrowed under Concertina wire. 


Sappers entered in front of Bunker 35-36.

S-2 4th Infantry AO (1967-1968)



The Tet Offensive: North of Camp Enari, an ARVN Intelligence Officer checks out the North-East Side of Dragon Mountain near Camp Enari.

Today we checked out Highway - 14 and Highway – 512, for a Combat Documentary. Now, I felt safe and could rest my door-gun, we were now approaching our Dragon Mountain Base.

During the Tet Offensive, the guard on Dragon Mountain was doubled. Guard duty on The Mountain was one miserable gig; we had not been issued winter jackets so we would have to wear our sleeping bags and we still froze our butts off. Sometimes we had company! Sometimes Tigers and sometimes VC!!!

ARVN Intelligence Officer (Dragon Mountain, Pleku RVN 1967-1968)


Our combat infantry reserves were sent to reinforce embattled units and fire bases.

Aviation mechanics, sheet metal specialists, avionics repairmen, clerks, cooks etc. were dispatched as combat infantry on sweeps and as Show of Force Units.


Volunteers were called on to reinforce the Mountagnard Village Security Forces and the Quick Reaction Combat Teams operating out of Camp Enari.

IaDrang Valley, RVN 1968.  (Carter, Bruce Waterman, Tim Kinsel, UNKN, Sgt. Vance)

Attack on Camp Enari, RVN 1968

Avionics Specialist, RVN 1968. 


Carl Bourgeois (Vung Tao, RVN, January, 1968)

Danny Delgado (Vung Tao, RVN, January, 1968)









Banana Hill South-East Corner of Camp Enari - Attck on Camp Enari Tet Offensive 

(February, 1968)


The Tet Offensive Was On!

We didn't worry too much until orders came down to fly back in two separate helicopters,

“To make sure at least one of us makes it back to our unit.”  

How thoughtful of the brass back at Enari!

Next, we were told Camp Enari, was expected to be overrun or may have been overrun. Now we really wanted to get back ASAP. That was not going to happen to our Team!

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